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Top 3 Gay Dating Apps - reviews, prices, rating.

The old maxim that ‘like attracts like’ holds true in the gay dating. If you genuinely want to meet the right people and find the true love to spend time with, it is best you go to areas where you have the best chance of meeting your ideal match. We think your interest would be best served if we bring you an LGBTQ-specific app that brings you together with people you share things in common and make the most of your time.

If there is any platform in this technology-driven world that will make a meaningful impact on your time to channel your resource for the best result, the mobile application will be the best. The following LGBTQ-specific apps you give you access to your dating plan; they stand out in the sea of gay dating apps presently sitting online for users.

Scruff Gay Dating App

Scruff is an Apple Store gay dating app you should consider connecting with like minds. Of course, there are more gay dating sites out there than you would find for lesbian, but for guys on the move, mobile gay dating app will be just fine for you. We bring you scruff because its existing users are quite satisfied with the exceptional services they are getting; according to its beautiful features, we trust you will not regret your use of the app too.

Share album. One great feature of scruff is the album sharing that gives you the opportunity to share your cool photo on the platform. It allows you to set up your photo and video and grant personalized access to your connection to view them without everyone having access to your still and motion image stuff.

Power search and filters. This is where scruff beats other apps; a user can find other users using power search feature that tailors your search according to what you want and gets it. You can get fellow gay guy nearby and in any location globally.

You can see who is interested in you. When you are away, you will know members who came around to view your profile and know who is interested in you.

Send a woof. Scruff offers a way you can express your feeling towards another gay you find attractive and start a relationship.

Smart match. The app takes note of what you want and brings you closer to your match with everyday use of the app.

Gay travel. This is the real deal! When you travel, you don’t have to feel lonely because the app will already get you the right match to date and never feel bored on your journey.

You can join and use the app free, but if you don’t like annoying ads, goes for premium membership. Premium membership costs are $3.99-Browsing Pro, $4.99-Messaging Pro, $8.99-Scruff Pro, and $12.99-Scruff Pro.

Why should you choose Scruff?
Scruff is a real-life app that connects you online and gives you the opportunity to meet face-to-face through numerous events it organizes. Here are more reasons we think you should consider using scruff:
•    Supports online video interactions;
•    Members communications are kept on the cloud so it won’t be lost;
•    Opportunity to meet all types of gay – bisexual, transgender and queer men.

Hornet - Gay Social Network

If you are looking for the avenue to express your romantic desire with like mind across the world, you will find the Connect Gay Dating App a great partner! With over 25 million users, connect is an Apple Store App where gay guys connect!

Social profiles. This connects you with guys who share a common interest with you and start a life-long relationship through sharing of top stories and other fun stuff;

Hash-tagging. Helps to discover cool community to join by using the hashtag feature to find a community of interest to you;

Push notification. It notifies you when a user sends you a message; you never miss;

Filter and dial. It helps to narrow your search and get you what you want faster;

Health status reminder. It allows you to share your HIV status and reminds you time to get tested;

Anyone can create a profile and use the app.

Hornet free to use if you are 18 years and above, but to get premium service, you need to upgrade your membership as follows:
•    Hornet premium: $9.99
•    3 months: $21.99
•    1 year: $39.99
•    7-day pass: $4.99

Why should you choose Connect?
•    Meet any gay worldwide
•    It has the ‘follow’ feature to connect socially
•    It offers easy payment options
•    Most of its features are free

You need to read the terms of service and avoid activities that may get you banned; the app is known for zero tolerance for its TOS violation.

Jack’d – Gay Dating App

The Jack’d gay dating app is a top dating app trending right now. Launched in 2010, the app has proved that gay dating is a cool adventure for sexy guys who want to mix with like minds across the world. For authentic gay, bi and curious meet, this app currently boasts of 10,000 installs daily, and it ranks fourth among dating app on Apple and Google Play Stores with more than a million users in about 180 countries worldwide.

Facebook login. What makes this app so appealing is the ease with which people can join from Facebook; it does not post on your Facebook timeline thus respecting your privacy;

Connect with like minds globally. It provides  the member, the opportunity to meet and connect with other users anywhere in the world;

Share a private profile. This allows you to share more private content with your preferred connect;

Customized profile. Use the customized profile feature to create a fantastic profile that you can share privately with your preferred contacts;

Multiple filters. It gives you the ability to get what you want by using its multiple filter features to define accurate searches to meet users within your preferred criteria.

Like all dating services, you need to go premium if you want quality dating experience. Jack’d premium services are as follow:
•    $3.99 - 7 days’ pro subscription
•    $9.99 - 1 month’s pro subscription
•    $21.99 - 3 months’ pro subscription
•    $57.99 - 1 year’s pro subscription

Why should you choose Connect?
•    It’s free of the annoying banner display.
•    It gives you a cool view of the cutest profile on the grid.
•    Meet hotter guys in great numbers!
•    Send more photos repeatedly without wasting time.
•    Browse the database anonymously.
•    It protects your privacy by using touch ID or password to lock your phone from unauthorized access.
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