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Top 4 messenger app for meeting new friends or girlfriend.

Our lifestyles in today's world make networking and engagement is an integral part of our everyday lives. Dating and finding someone to relate with and develop a loving relationship needs constant interactions. The cost of voice communication is costly for many, but text messaging finds usefulness in an interpersonal relationship. With improved communication technology, many text messenger apps have been developed to cater to our messaging needs; these messenger apps are better than traditional SMS, there are dozens of these apps, but we will consider top 4 messenger app in the following conversation.

What makes the messenger app interesting is their multifaceted messaging system. They allow users to interact in SMS Text, Voice, Images, Emoticons, and Videos and ability to share files and bring large people together in a group chatting, etc.

Meet our top 4 messenger app

Kik Messenger

This app offers one of the most flexible chat features in the world. It allows you to do much more with getting in touch with friends and family. Chat one on one or in groups with friends. Kik is a modern chat technology app that provides all messaging options you may need to chat with.

It’s quite easy to set up and use the Kik app; it takes a few minutes to register and start using the app. Once set up you can share pictures, videos, games, gifts, and other positive interactions needs. It has over 2.4 million users who rated it and got a 4.3 rating out of 5. The app looks beautiful, and it has loads of photos and GIF images to share.

•    Find friends quickly
•    Forward favorite content -  images, videos, document
•    Chat bubbles
•    Send several messages

•    Free

What makes this app top rated
•    It has over 100 million installs
•    Regular technical support to ensure no downtime
•    Protect user safety

System requirement
•    It needs Android phones


WeChat Messenger

WeChat is known worldwide. Users use this app to make calls, video chat, send SMS/MMS chat, share photos and games and keep friends and loved ones together over thousands of kilometer distance. Once you are on WeChat Messenger, you will find it difficult to use other messaging apps because of its simplistic design and versatility. It is a favorite app for many you don’t want to do without it.

The app is rated 4.2 out of 5 by over 5 million people, while there are over 100 million installs of the app on several Smartphone worldwide.

Multimedia messaging app - send text,  voice notes, video, and photo messages
Group chat and calls - can support up to 500 users for text chat and up to 9 people for video calls
Send free voice and video calls -  users can make high-quality free calls worldwide
Low rate worldwide calls to a landline – this applies to specific regions only, contact support for detail
Moments update – share your happy moments with friends and your contact instantly
Sticker gallery – it has hundreds of free fun stuff including animated stickers to thrill your connection and have fun with friends
Meet new friends – use friend radar and people nearby features and shake to find and meet new people
Real-time location -  it shares your and other contact locations to know the current location of your chat mate
Privacy – it has the highest level of control over your privacy
Language support – this feature allows you to chat with friends who do not speak your language as the app becomes your translator to your contact’s language

•    Free

What makes this app top rated
•    Over 100 million installs
•    Works on a variety of Android devices
•    Language support

System requirements
•    Available for Android phones

KakaoTalk Messenger

If you want to have a complete chatting reality, Kakao Talk is the messenger app to choose with confidence! The app is a cool way to chat using a different messaging medium to express yourself and go along with the person you are communicating with at the other end of the chat. KakaoTalk packs all relevant messaging tools to give you the maximum satisfaction of expressing yourself in the clearest manner possible.

With this multi-content exchange messaging app you can chat with SMS Text to interact in plain text in your chat medium language. You can do chat using video which is excellent for personal, business and educational conversations. Preferably, you can use images or exchange documents like Words, Excel and other document formats including PDF.

•    FAST
•    Share your location
•    See who read your messages
•    Multitask during free calls
•    Schedule appointments, lunches, gatherings (w/ reminders)
•    Use KakaoTalk on any smartphone and PC (multi-platform)
•    Have fun with Kakao mobile games

•    Free

What makes this app top rated
•    KakaoTalk is a 4.3 out of 5 rated app from over 2.5 million users who left their ratings;
•    The app has over 100 million installations
•    It enjoys regular support and update and completely stable
•    It is available for free

System requirements
It requires Android operating system

Viber Messenger

Connecting across the world couldn’t be more comfortable as Viber messenger gives its users the tool to communicate for free. Send SMS text, video, images and make voice and video calls. The app is helping many users across the world to ease their communication need and bring affordable means of exchanging sight and sound messages into many homes.

The Viber is a 4.3 rated app from over 11 million users and with lots of useful features to support its use.

Instant messaging, voice calls, or live video chats
•    Group chats with up to 250 people!
•    Hassle-free, long-distance calls
•    Hassle-free, long-distance calls
•    Hassle-free, long-distance calls
•    ‘Hidden Chats’ feature

•    Free

What makes this app top rated
•    Over 500 million installs
•    Works on a variety of devices
•    Performs optimally

System requirements
•    Available for Android phones

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