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7 Unknown Differences Between Russian and Ukrainian Women

Choosing between Russian women and Ukrainian women is a tough one. Although they have a lot in common they have a lot of differences as well. The thing is, very few know the difference between Russian women and Ukrainian women. To help you decide what women you would like to date, let’s go over 7 unknown differences between Russian and Ukrainian women.

Although both are Slavic, they do not speak the same language. Ukrainian women speak Ukrainian while Russians speak…well…Russian. There are similarities between the two but if you prefer one type of woman over the other, you certainly want to learn the correct language.


Russian women are much more impulsive than Ukrainian women so it’s safe to say that they are more of the wild cards. Russia is a powerful country filled with strong people with equally strong personalities which are displayed in more ways than one. When a woman wants something, she will go after it. Russian women are doers which many men are drawn to since it adds an element of excitement. Although equally strong and self-assured, Ukrainian women are more of the thinkers. They prefer to analyze a situation rather than jumping right in. These differences are displayed in their approach to relationships. While Russian women tend to jump in with both feet, Ukrainian women prefer to take things a bit slower.


Although both women like to look their best, especially for their men, Ukrainian women are more discreet than Russian women. Part of Ukrainian culture has to do with blending in with the crowd. In fact, discretion is a huge part of their culture which they are taught at a young age. Russian women, on the other hand, want to be seen and their appearance makes that message clear. Some may describe their style as a bit flashy. Expect sexy outfits, heels, bold makeup, and salon-quality hair.


Ukrainian women are quite fond of assertive men who are able to lead without skipping a beat but they themselves are not very assertive unless pushed. If a Ukrainian woman feels disrespected their sweet demeanor can quickly turn. Russian women are more assertive. Most men would find that they are more outwardly assertive and even fiery in some instances. They can hold their own in a debate, are more outspoken, and opinionated. Some find this attractive while others do not. It really comes down to preference.

Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy like kissing and beyond are considered a big deal in Ukraine dating culture. When a man and a woman share a kiss, it has a lot of importance and means that a romance will likely begin soon. As for Russian women, it isn’t that serious for them. Although kissing on the first date is a rarity, the chance increases on the second date if the attraction is right. The important thing to remember is to not kiss a woman in public. Public displays of affection aren’t welcome. Instead, wait until the two of you are alone before you make your move. Otherwise, your chance of being rejected greatly increases.

Relationship Roles

Ukrainian women act as more of a man’s partner than just his wife. She will take an active role in any and everything that goes on both in and out of the household. Ukranian women will come through whenever her spouse needs her as well as her family (extended family included). Men who marry Russian women will find that they take more of a passive role in the relationship. Although very attentive and caring, Russian women really like being taken care of as well. Consider them more so a supporting actor than a co-star.

Russian women tend to fall in love a bit faster than Ukrainian women. They are very open to the idea of love and grant a man their affection and respect quite fast, especially when they enter a relationship. Ukrainian women have to be won over more. You must earn her affection and respect. Fortunately, once you have, that will never falter.
And now you know how they differ so it’s time to make a choice. Which women do you think will suit your personality best?

Friday, October 5, 2018

Top 3 Gay Dating Apps - reviews, prices, rating.

The old maxim that ‘like attracts like’ holds true in the gay dating. If you genuinely want to meet the right people and find the true love to spend time with, it is best you go to areas where you have the best chance of meeting your ideal match. We think your interest would be best served if we bring you an LGBTQ-specific app that brings you together with people you share things in common and make the most of your time.

If there is any platform in this technology-driven world that will make a meaningful impact on your time to channel your resource for the best result, the mobile application will be the best. The following LGBTQ-specific apps you give you access to your dating plan; they stand out in the sea of gay dating apps presently sitting online for users.

Scruff Gay Dating App

Scruff is an Apple Store gay dating app you should consider connecting with like minds. Of course, there are more gay dating sites out there than you would find for lesbian, but for guys on the move, mobile gay dating app will be just fine for you. We bring you scruff because its existing users are quite satisfied with the exceptional services they are getting; according to its beautiful features, we trust you will not regret your use of the app too.

Share album. One great feature of scruff is the album sharing that gives you the opportunity to share your cool photo on the platform. It allows you to set up your photo and video and grant personalized access to your connection to view them without everyone having access to your still and motion image stuff.

Power search and filters. This is where scruff beats other apps; a user can find other users using power search feature that tailors your search according to what you want and gets it. You can get fellow gay guy nearby and in any location globally.

You can see who is interested in you. When you are away, you will know members who came around to view your profile and know who is interested in you.

Send a woof. Scruff offers a way you can express your feeling towards another gay you find attractive and start a relationship.

Smart match. The app takes note of what you want and brings you closer to your match with everyday use of the app.

Gay travel. This is the real deal! When you travel, you don’t have to feel lonely because the app will already get you the right match to date and never feel bored on your journey.

You can join and use the app free, but if you don’t like annoying ads, goes for premium membership. Premium membership costs are $3.99-Browsing Pro, $4.99-Messaging Pro, $8.99-Scruff Pro, and $12.99-Scruff Pro.

Why should you choose Scruff?
Scruff is a real-life app that connects you online and gives you the opportunity to meet face-to-face through numerous events it organizes. Here are more reasons we think you should consider using scruff:
•    Supports online video interactions;
•    Members communications are kept on the cloud so it won’t be lost;
•    Opportunity to meet all types of gay – bisexual, transgender and queer men.

Hornet - Gay Social Network

If you are looking for the avenue to express your romantic desire with like mind across the world, you will find the Connect Gay Dating App a great partner! With over 25 million users, connect is an Apple Store App where gay guys connect!

Social profiles. This connects you with guys who share a common interest with you and start a life-long relationship through sharing of top stories and other fun stuff;

Hash-tagging. Helps to discover cool community to join by using the hashtag feature to find a community of interest to you;

Push notification. It notifies you when a user sends you a message; you never miss;

Filter and dial. It helps to narrow your search and get you what you want faster;

Health status reminder. It allows you to share your HIV status and reminds you time to get tested;

Anyone can create a profile and use the app.

Hornet free to use if you are 18 years and above, but to get premium service, you need to upgrade your membership as follows:
•    Hornet premium: $9.99
•    3 months: $21.99
•    1 year: $39.99
•    7-day pass: $4.99

Why should you choose Connect?
•    Meet any gay worldwide
•    It has the ‘follow’ feature to connect socially
•    It offers easy payment options
•    Most of its features are free

You need to read the terms of service and avoid activities that may get you banned; the app is known for zero tolerance for its TOS violation.

Jack’d – Gay Dating App

The Jack’d gay dating app is a top dating app trending right now. Launched in 2010, the app has proved that gay dating is a cool adventure for sexy guys who want to mix with like minds across the world. For authentic gay, bi and curious meet, this app currently boasts of 10,000 installs daily, and it ranks fourth among dating app on Apple and Google Play Stores with more than a million users in about 180 countries worldwide.

Facebook login. What makes this app so appealing is the ease with which people can join from Facebook; it does not post on your Facebook timeline thus respecting your privacy;

Connect with like minds globally. It provides  the member, the opportunity to meet and connect with other users anywhere in the world;

Share a private profile. This allows you to share more private content with your preferred connect;

Customized profile. Use the customized profile feature to create a fantastic profile that you can share privately with your preferred contacts;

Multiple filters. It gives you the ability to get what you want by using its multiple filter features to define accurate searches to meet users within your preferred criteria.

Like all dating services, you need to go premium if you want quality dating experience. Jack’d premium services are as follow:
•    $3.99 - 7 days’ pro subscription
•    $9.99 - 1 month’s pro subscription
•    $21.99 - 3 months’ pro subscription
•    $57.99 - 1 year’s pro subscription

Why should you choose Connect?
•    It’s free of the annoying banner display.
•    It gives you a cool view of the cutest profile on the grid.
•    Meet hotter guys in great numbers!
•    Send more photos repeatedly without wasting time.
•    Browse the database anonymously.
•    It protects your privacy by using touch ID or password to lock your phone from unauthorized access.
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5 Signs That a Ukrainian Woman is Over You

Dating Ukrainian women can be great. You meet amazing women, spend time with them, advance relationships and so on. That being said, not all relationships will last. Just like dating locally, every connection will not work out and you’ll eventually part ways with most of these women. You may lose interest, or she may be the one who checks out. The solution is easy when you aren’t interested in a woman anymore. You break the news to her, let her have her reaction then part ways. As for her no longer being interested, that can be a little challenging because at times it is hard to determine if she is, in fact, no longer interested. Here are five signs that a Ukrainian woman is over you.

She’s Not Easy to Get in Touch With

When a woman is no longer interested she makes herself scarce. Remember how she was always there when you wanted to chat or made the effort to be there when you agreed on a time? Well, those times are over. In addition to being hard to get in touch with, once you do get in touch she will probably cut the chat short and have excuses as to why she won’t be able to chat again for a while. Or, she may surprise you and tell you that she is no longer interested in corresponding with you. Ukrainian women are known for being very direct.

She’s Cold and Doesn’t Try to Touch You

Another tell-tale sign that a Ukrainian woman is over you is if she is cold towards you and doesn’t try to touch you. When a Ukrainian woman has warmed up to a man she will casually touch him to keep that physical connection strong. She may hold your arm, get close to you to feel your warmth, hold your hand and so on. As for when she is over you, all this stops. You may get a quick hug or peck on the cheek when you greet each other but you will notice that she’s distant. Physical affection is one of the first things to go.

There’s No Flirting Anymore

Ukrainian women are flirty. They do this to impress men and make their interest clear. Since Ukrainian women tend to let men lead, flirting is one of the few ways that they show interest. When she no longer flirts with you and doesn’t entertain your flirting either, her interest has dwindled. To test this out, flirt with her. If she doesn’t reciprocate, you have your answer.

She Doesn’t Hint at or Suggest Visits

The reason is simple – she doesn’t want you to visit her. A Ukrainian woman who likes you will hint at visits whenever you talk to her. She wants to see you face to face, go on dates, show you around, introduce you to her friends, perhaps her family and take the relationship to the next level. When a woman doesn’t bring up visits, advancing the relationship isn’t on her mind. Maybe she enjoyed talking to you online or thought you were a nice guy but that doesn’t necessarily make you a match. If she doesn’t suggest a visit, focus on a woman who wants you to visit her. There’s no reason to waste money to travel to see a woman who isn’t that into you.

In the case that you really started to develop strong feelings for the woman displaying these signs of disinterest and want to make a last stitch effort, have a conversation with her. Directly ask if she is still interested in dating you or if she prefers to end things. In some cases, a woman may be distant because of things going on in her life. Before giving up completely it is always best to communicate when real feelings are there. On top of that, make efforts to keep the momentum going when dating a Ukrainian woman.

If you notice any of the signs above and you haven’t fallen for the woman, focus your attention elsewhere. There is no reason to be hurt or angry. People lose interest in each other and then they move on. There are so many single Ukraine women who would love to date a man like yourself. Not every connection will last forever so enjoy your time together and when it’s over, it’s over.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Ho Tactics: 5 Signs That a Russian Beauty Is Using Them on You

There are a lot of amazing Russian women out there but, like women from any country, there are undesirables thrown in. Some Russian women aren’t the type you want in your life. They are after your money, are dishonest, manipulative and use ho tactics to get what they want. This is the risk that comes with meeting several Russian ladies. You meet a lot of incredible women but there are bad seeds in the mix which is why you must be aware and able to identify such tactics. No man wants to waste their time on women who aren’t truly interested in them. Here are five ways to tell if a Russian woman is using ho tactics on you.

The first tell-tale sign is meeting a Russian woman who is overly flirtatious and amorous from the start. Obviously, you’re a man and part of your um… brain will say, “This is awesome. She’s totally throwing herself at me”. She’s doing this to get money out of you. No respectable Russian woman interested in a genuine relationship will act in such a way. They will flirt a bit to show interest but anything exceeding that is a huge red flag.

Another red flag is never having a truly meaningful conversation with the Russian woman in question. Women using ho tactics on a man never get in too deep. These women will never open up to you and have an honest conversation. Instead, they ask a lot about you, specifically things about your career, home, and cars as well as other on the surface topics. This is done to trick you into thinking she’s interested in learning about you and your life when she just wants to:
1.) Gauge how much you have to offer her and
2.) Convince you that she’s interested despite her targeted questions.

The third way to tell if a Russian woman is using ho tactics on you is bringing up her money problems during conversations with you. The best of the best will do so very casually and then change the subject. This is called planting the seed. Because of the quick subject change, you will inquire and once you do, she knows she got you. Soon enough, the pity party will commence, your need to be her knight in shining armor will overwhelm you and you’ll be wiring her money before you know it.

Another sign is suggesting expensive dates or even trips. When you’re dating a woman, it is normal to talk about what you’ll do on your next date but “casually recommending” more expensive restaurants, venues and destinations isn’t a good sign. Most Russian women prefer that the man leads and like to go with the flow in terms of plans.  These suggestions will also be accompanied by physical affection and in many cases, more such as wanting to go back to your hotel room if in person or, if you’re communicating online, will try to tempt you with sexy photos and perhaps a video chat.

Fifth is becoming distant when you don’t give her what she wants. Everything is a game for women using ho tactics on a man. If the man doesn’t fall for the game, they move on to the next. Although true, she won’t leave right away. After you don’t give in to what she wants, you’ll see changes in her attitude. She won’t be as nice, will become distant and hard to get in touch with. This is supposed to spark fear that you’ll lose her, so you’ll give in.

Now that you know the signs that a Russian beauty is using such tactics on you, be on the lookout in your search for a Russian woman and whatever you do, don’t give in. Why waste your time on someone only interested in manipulating their way into your finances? Before you know it, you will be left with nothing as well as an empty bank account. These women will not stick around long and can never provide the truly fulfilling relationship you want. At the end of the day, all they have to offer are their looks. Wouldn’t you prefer something with more depth? Perhaps a Russian woman with beauty, brains and a kind heart?

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Top 4 messenger app for meeting new friends or girlfriend.

Our lifestyles in today's world make networking and engagement is an integral part of our everyday lives. Dating and finding someone to relate with and develop a loving relationship needs constant interactions. The cost of voice communication is costly for many, but text messaging finds usefulness in an interpersonal relationship. With improved communication technology, many text messenger apps have been developed to cater to our messaging needs; these messenger apps are better than traditional SMS, there are dozens of these apps, but we will consider top 4 messenger app in the following conversation.

What makes the messenger app interesting is their multifaceted messaging system. They allow users to interact in SMS Text, Voice, Images, Emoticons, and Videos and ability to share files and bring large people together in a group chatting, etc.

Meet our top 4 messenger app

Kik Messenger

This app offers one of the most flexible chat features in the world. It allows you to do much more with getting in touch with friends and family. Chat one on one or in groups with friends. Kik is a modern chat technology app that provides all messaging options you may need to chat with.

It’s quite easy to set up and use the Kik app; it takes a few minutes to register and start using the app. Once set up you can share pictures, videos, games, gifts, and other positive interactions needs. It has over 2.4 million users who rated it and got a 4.3 rating out of 5. The app looks beautiful, and it has loads of photos and GIF images to share.

•    Find friends quickly
•    Forward favorite content -  images, videos, document
•    Chat bubbles
•    Send several messages

•    Free

What makes this app top rated
•    It has over 100 million installs
•    Regular technical support to ensure no downtime
•    Protect user safety

System requirement
•    It needs Android phones


WeChat Messenger

WeChat is known worldwide. Users use this app to make calls, video chat, send SMS/MMS chat, share photos and games and keep friends and loved ones together over thousands of kilometer distance. Once you are on WeChat Messenger, you will find it difficult to use other messaging apps because of its simplistic design and versatility. It is a favorite app for many you don’t want to do without it.

The app is rated 4.2 out of 5 by over 5 million people, while there are over 100 million installs of the app on several Smartphone worldwide.

Multimedia messaging app - send text,  voice notes, video, and photo messages
Group chat and calls - can support up to 500 users for text chat and up to 9 people for video calls
Send free voice and video calls -  users can make high-quality free calls worldwide
Low rate worldwide calls to a landline – this applies to specific regions only, contact support for detail
Moments update – share your happy moments with friends and your contact instantly
Sticker gallery – it has hundreds of free fun stuff including animated stickers to thrill your connection and have fun with friends
Meet new friends – use friend radar and people nearby features and shake to find and meet new people
Real-time location -  it shares your and other contact locations to know the current location of your chat mate
Privacy – it has the highest level of control over your privacy
Language support – this feature allows you to chat with friends who do not speak your language as the app becomes your translator to your contact’s language

•    Free

What makes this app top rated
•    Over 100 million installs
•    Works on a variety of Android devices
•    Language support

System requirements
•    Available for Android phones

KakaoTalk Messenger

If you want to have a complete chatting reality, Kakao Talk is the messenger app to choose with confidence! The app is a cool way to chat using a different messaging medium to express yourself and go along with the person you are communicating with at the other end of the chat. KakaoTalk packs all relevant messaging tools to give you the maximum satisfaction of expressing yourself in the clearest manner possible.

With this multi-content exchange messaging app you can chat with SMS Text to interact in plain text in your chat medium language. You can do chat using video which is excellent for personal, business and educational conversations. Preferably, you can use images or exchange documents like Words, Excel and other document formats including PDF.

•    FAST
•    Share your location
•    See who read your messages
•    Multitask during free calls
•    Schedule appointments, lunches, gatherings (w/ reminders)
•    Use KakaoTalk on any smartphone and PC (multi-platform)
•    Have fun with Kakao mobile games

•    Free

What makes this app top rated
•    KakaoTalk is a 4.3 out of 5 rated app from over 2.5 million users who left their ratings;
•    The app has over 100 million installations
•    It enjoys regular support and update and completely stable
•    It is available for free

System requirements
It requires Android operating system

Viber Messenger

Connecting across the world couldn’t be more comfortable as Viber messenger gives its users the tool to communicate for free. Send SMS text, video, images and make voice and video calls. The app is helping many users across the world to ease their communication need and bring affordable means of exchanging sight and sound messages into many homes.

The Viber is a 4.3 rated app from over 11 million users and with lots of useful features to support its use.

Instant messaging, voice calls, or live video chats
•    Group chats with up to 250 people!
•    Hassle-free, long-distance calls
•    Hassle-free, long-distance calls
•    Hassle-free, long-distance calls
•    ‘Hidden Chats’ feature

•    Free

What makes this app top rated
•    Over 500 million installs
•    Works on a variety of devices
•    Performs optimally

System requirements
•    Available for Android phones

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How to Find Khabarovsk girls without problems

Are you thinking of starting a family and need the right girl forged for that purpose? Don’t get me wrong, all women should qualify to start a family, but the reality is different. There are different cultures in the world, and the value each one places on family life differs from culture to culture. What you have heard about Russian women being raised with strong family value isn’t a joke, and this is why men who need to start a family and are finding it tough with their local women often decided on taking on suitable singles from Western Europe.

Going to Western Europe to meet Khabarovsk women for marriage to start a family may be your best option if the ladies around you in your country are sticking to work and modernization excuses. I do know that lots of men in the America, Asia, Australian and African countries chasing after feminist ideals are refusing your offer to get married, do not despair because gorgeous women in Eastern Europe are ready to accept your proposal to start a family.

Khabarovsk women like their Russian counter part are family oriented, calm and tender and so beautiful ready to take you in and give you the love and affection you need as a bride to be mothers to your beautiful kids. The challenge most men a facing from other countries include language barrier and location. They do not know much about the Russians, but a little closer to any Russian woman will reveal a brilliant, caring and loving side that will dispel every negative thing you may have heard about them. But how can you find Khabarovsk girls

To meet Khabarovsk women for marriage, you have two options of what I call fast and slow options. The fast option is to use dating and matchmaking services where you register and find prospective Khabarovsk singles you can connect and start a conversation with towards a stable relationship. The slow option is to use a social media channel like Facebook to find friends from the area. The trouble with the slow option is you never get to know who is serious and you risk being scammed which is not what you want. I agree you may run into fraudsters with the fast option as well, but with quality dating and matchmaking sites, your risk level is minimal.

Fast option to find Khabarovsk girls

To help you meet Khabarovsk women, check the following dating sites to try your luck:

Foreign men searching for Russian, Slavic and Khabarovsk women for love, romance, long-term relationship, and marriage have good chances to get what they want with the site provides an opportunity to women from eastern Europe to register for free to interact with men interested in dating them.

The site boasts of real Russian women profiles to give real men the chance to find what they want without combing through an endless list of non-Khabarovsk women. The site has a large collection of Russian women living in Russia and abroad. This dating site is adequately organized to give men clear search terms to find your preferred singles according to their body features such as the eye color, body size, hair color, height, etc.

Safety is essential and an essential factor for daters, you are guaranteed safety of your data and other vital information on the site. One way to prevent fraud is to undertake painstaking efforts to make all profiles genuine and real; the site makes it a must to remove suspicious and fake profile on a regular basis.

If you are serious about finding Khabarovsk women, this site offers the opportunity to meet and interact with them and other Russian singles. Take action now to register!

Going through dating or matchmaking services is a faster way to find Khabarovsk girls. Apart from the site discussed in this article, there are dozens of quality dating sites you will find to meet Khabarovsk women. While still discussing how to find Khabarovsk girls, let’s consider the second option, what I refer to as the slow option.

Using social media platforms

Social media channels bring people of common interest together and so you can use any social platform to meet Khabarovsk women. The reason I said this is a slow option is that on social media, you need time to trust and you won’t add a friend today and be asking her out tomorrow. However, if you are patient, tactical and very social, you should find the right Russian girl in no time.

I have met a lot of ladies on social media that we became very close friends with time. I know many of my close friends who met their spouses on Facebook and a few did on Google plus. But you need to understand how social media work to be able to find the right lady you need.

For our discussion, let me share a typical social media friends finding strategy I use whenever I need friends from a particular part of the globe:

Choose the social platform. Are you thinking of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google plus? Let’s say Facebook; so we will use FB.COM as out SM to find Khabarovsk girls.

  1. Find Khabarovsk women dating group. You can search for friends, like a page or join a group on Facebook. For this purpose, let's search for ‘Khabarovsk women’ in the search bar to find any group with our search term.
  2. Join Khabarovsk women Group. Once the search return list of Khabarovsk women Group, look at any group with a minimum of 500 members. Join as many as you can find. (After joining, you should answer any question to verify your proposal to join the group, submit your request and wait for approval).
  3. Participate in the group discussion. Since the Khabarovsk women groups, you joined are dating or marriage groups, it is assumed all members have the same agenda. Now look at different postings and leave sensible comments that show you are the right guy the ladies are looking to meet. As you comment, watch the reaction of the ladies and note anyone you are interested in meeting.
  4. Contact any preferred single. Social media is about friendship, so you want to chat up the girl you are targeting and watch her response. At this time you only want to be her friend, nothing more.
  5. Follow up on her. If the girl in question responds to your message, keep it up on a neutral level and ask about her interest and ask her if you can add her as a friend. If she gave her permission to be added, take it from there. 
Good luck!